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#prayfortroydavis #prayfortroydavis

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1985 days ago

#prayfortroydavis #prayfortroydavis


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tiltowait 1922 days ago

Troy's case is a complex one. I understand the division of opinions on it. I wish I knew the truth.

believelovemj 1984 days ago

I am sorry for Troy Davis, I am so sad, he is an innocent man killed more than gods bless troy, rest in peace mr davis

alixNwondrland 1985 days ago

That's my son. This pic makes me so proud.

butterflyfish_ 1985 days ago

OK, that made me cry. #TroyDavis #TooMuchDoubt

ACthatDrummer 1985 days ago

Thats deep on so many levels and exactly what I teach the kids at my schools!!

PatyPenna 1985 days ago

who will b the next innocent to pay with his own life the price of injustice & racism #PrayForTroyDavis

jaylyrical 1985 days ago

i have no words #prayfortroydavis

xenobia10 1985 days ago

yes,unfortunately my son.yes

putyrdreams1st 1985 days ago


tiltowait 1985 days ago

Troy Davis? Is he some kind of sports or music star or something? Never heard of him ... I don't think.

NeoThinyane 1985 days ago

this is exactly how real this case is!!! #WeAreAllTroyDavis!!!

EstherPrade 1985 days ago

This says it all .... #TroyDavis #TooMuchDoubt . Who is Troy Davis ? We all could be TroyDavis