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We had a great view of the Moon as we descended to Earth in our Soyuz capsule #NASA

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1949 days ago

We had a great view of the Moon as we descended to Earth in our Soyuz capsule #NASA


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manelvictor 1939 days ago

I like the moon just right there. :-)

WalesBeliebs 1942 days ago


PC0101 1943 days ago

No bathroom, but windows. See the sky and the re-entry flames.

ko2ri 1948 days ago

Great shot!! Soyuz, the flying jelly-fish! ;-)

stripedsheep 1948 days ago

I love this picture. But I've been wondering, when you're in the Soyuz capsue, can you see out? I kind of imagine not: no bathroom, no windows.

nani195 1948 days ago

I like it much more Congratulations

Diannesyz2 1948 days ago

Amazing. Great photo.

JaneMafiaCute 1948 days ago

so great!

sweetgazer1 1948 days ago

What a nice surprise, having you tweeting again so soon after your return! Have you missed us?

PC0101 1948 days ago

Looks as if you had returned #frommoon ;-)

eugeniafessia 1948 days ago

Is great to read your tweets again!!! Welcome home!

AnaMSanPer 1948 days ago

Wow... hermosa!

GenkiPinestreet 1948 days ago

Welcome home, sir. from Japan=

govi47 1949 days ago

welcome home !!!

racalado 1949 days ago


OPopeyes 1949 days ago

Voy a hacerme una Astronáuta muy buen en Telecomunicaciones e Ingeniería Espacial ¿Me vas a decir como se hace un cohete espacial y un robot para hacer faenas domésticas?. Eso es primordial

OPopeyes 1949 days ago

¿Me darás la Exclusiva?. Ya sabes que hago muchas preguntas. Pero puedo hacerlas muy interesantes y bonitas

OPopeyes 1949 days ago

Astro cuando entras en Twitter se desconecta Internet, hasta yo misma me pongo nerviosa. ¡Bonito globo!. ¿Cuándo empieza el curso para ir a Marte?

waheed_rahuman 1949 days ago

welcome back !

LuiginaDM 1949 days ago

Great picture! Thank you, guys. :)