To my fellow pilots, my brothers and sisters in flight, celebrating you today with the greatest respect and admiration. Be safe and fly often! Thought I would share a photo of my OEF ride with space-themed ‘nose art’. Back in the States now, and joining my friends @okchristian on Friday in Oklahoma City. Looking forward to the next #NASATweetup and dreaming with my #SpaceTweeps! 

When this life I'm in is done,
And at the gates I stand,
My hope is that I answer all
His questions on command.

I doubt He'll ask me of my fame,
Or all the things I knew, Instead,
He'll ask of rainbows sent
On rainy days I flew.

How fast, how far, how much, how high?
He'll ask me not these things
But did I take the time to watch
The Moonbeams wash my wings?