Park Si Hoo



골승유 나샷^^

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1772 days ago

골승유 나샷^^


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Twilightsun1977 1536 days ago

aaaaaa...turn the photos!! aa

ha_ang 1752 days ago

WOW! this picture is great!

jangmigacy 1760 days ago

head up인듯.ㅎㅎ

3413_yumiw 1764 days ago

새로운 드라마의 일본에서의 방송이 몹시 기다려 집니다.

eksadira 1767 days ago

당신은 좋은 행동을 가지고, 당신의 연기에 감탄

jhkikipark 1769 days ago

역광이라 얼굴이 선명하지 않지만.. 멋진 표정이 예상되네요^^

Ximisihoo 1770 days ago

really like golf。

tory373 1771 days ago

ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 골승유님~! 나샷!!! 짝짝짝 스포츠를 정말 좋아하시는군요 깨알유머 감사!!

Lieb_Lorelie 1771 days ago

Did Si Hoo-ssi make a hole in one? ^.~ Good posture!

mahe4471 1771 days ago

I love it. You have a very good photographer.

mahe4471 1771 days ago

Congratulations to the photographer, is excellent. The effects of flash are striking.

mahdz5209 1771 days ago

is it a golf club? i thought it was a sword for a sec. lol! hope your having great time;) fighting!

ellianum 1771 days ago

시후님, 이런 유머감각이 있을 줄이야...골승유 나샷이 뭔가 했더니 이거군요. ㅋㅋㅋ

gracelai0418 1771 days ago

Oh! You must have very good skill in playing golf. Sihoo is my hero. ♥♥♥U~~^^

alightsmile 1771 days ago

검객 액션신 선도 짱 아름다우시고 나샷 선도 짱 우아하옵니다ㅎㅎ

fusya871 1772 days ago

촬영의 대기 시간입니까?

FrancesChen1 1772 days ago

시후씨, It seems to be fun in the filming site. And you really know how to use your spare time to relax. kuku b^ ^d

JoyGODIVA 1772 days ago

You have a good body line !!!!

skclgc 1772 days ago

골프치는 승유 나이스샷~~!! 항상 건강조심하세요 ^^

sugarspoon103 1772 days ago

승유 님... You are busy. Many things to do^^