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Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

Yes, it's a Baby Buster. #fromset #Mythbusters

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1708 days ago

Yes, it's a Baby Buster. #fromset #Mythbusters


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HoverBoardFan14 1645 days ago

all i see it a hot geek thats holding a toy XD <3!

wipeoutguy 1707 days ago

so where goes in the c4 ????

JenGon 1707 days ago

Are you sure that's not Grant as a baby?

klained 1708 days ago

awww, he has buster's hair :-)

GossamerAtara 1708 days ago

Even with it's thick forehead, it's still cute :D

AllexRadu 1708 days ago

Are you revisiting the Mr. Bean myth "Carried Away" with this baby Buster?

mattnic586 1708 days ago

Is that a baby cylon?

HoboRobot 1708 days ago

I knew Geoff the Robot would get himself in trouble with that extn cord.

markdotnet 1708 days ago

You gotta clean up that office. CLUTTER! And what kind of wine is that back by the cowboy boot?

LilyPLil 1708 days ago

That's officially the creepiest thing I've seen all day. Nightmares of evil, laughing crashbaby to follow.

NecroHyde 1708 days ago

Does it giggle and gurgle?:D

Buttertrtaholic 1708 days ago

That's no way to hold a baby. Will myths this season take a darker turn with baby crash dummy?

SBBoston 1708 days ago

is SO right...

MT_Richardson 1708 days ago

I'm concerned about what might happen to Baby Buster. What sort of myths involve a baby-sized crash dummy that can survive high G forces?

Kittersplat 1708 days ago

but, who's the mama?

ilovekrill 1708 days ago

"why baby buster exist, papa grant?"

Soonerdvm 1708 days ago


ZoraXire 1708 days ago

Why does baby buster have a speaker?

jburton115 1708 days ago

Kinda looks like a baby cylon. What are you up to Grant? MUHAHAHAHA!!