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Hey, look, hockey's back. #Sabres #Hurricanes #NHL

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1531 days ago

Hey, look, hockey's back. #Sabres #Hurricanes #NHL


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WNYGoo 1531 days ago

Sorry to burst your bubbles but Buffalo fans have never been accused of being assholes, unlike other teams. 1 ignorant, and most likely drunk asshole, doesn't represent us all.

Tonester5 1531 days ago

I'm a Sabres fan and do not condone that type of asinine behavior. Show some respect for the player and yourself.

terpcaniac 1531 days ago

Maybe he thinks Justin Faulk is Scott Norwood?

FredWilliams 1531 days ago

Everyone hates Buffalo fans so much even Rice Krispies won't talk back to them. Go Canes!

SteveRicks84 1531 days ago

Let him have his fun. Probably the high point of his year, being that he is a Buffalonian

b00dles 1531 days ago

To be fair, the other Sabres fans think he's a douche, too. I love the face on the dude on the left.

nhbeast 1531 days ago

Buffalo fans. Full of class as always. I kid.