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justjared23 2046 days ago The 17-year-old singer was tweets for beliebers on the world from Justin Bieber Twitter. Archive 03 May 2011.

Marina2583 2630 days ago

Looks like something off of Lord of the Rings, lol!

JARETALTOM 2735 days ago

Thats freakin Nuts.Your awesome Shaq. Love your interviews with Corby Davidson.

elnegro21 2739 days ago

hahahah funny

cybernel 2739 days ago

Shaq DON'T come back to L.A. ! Kareem is right about you. Stop trying to hide your insecurity and hating, behind your so-called comedy, like your rap dissing Kobe. You've lost L.A.'s respect for sure.

daveulrich08 2740 days ago

Dwight Howard is the most sensitive player in the NBA. He can't take a joke I'm sick of him crying about how he looked up to Shaq and Shaq never gives him advice. If you want to be like Shaq make more then one field goal tonight.

ajballin53 2741 days ago

bro how could you do this to a kid that looked up to you... shows what kind of person you really are

Kacizzle88 2741 days ago

"Haha!!! Its kind of a funny pic. But I guess its easy for Shaq to come up with stuff like this when he has been at home the whole time watching the playoffs."


CapitanFuturo 2741 days ago

Shaq come back to L.A. ! ! !

rowxbot 2741 days ago

hahahahaa... I don't care what the other people are saying. I think it's okay to not take life so seriously. D.Howard is a good lookin' guy though, so this guy must've gotten most of his looks from Van Gundy. Btw, I wouldn't mind if you came back to LA

fijifigs 2741 days ago

f**king funny about it.

fijifigs 2741 days ago

All I see is Shaq being Shaq. You can hate all you want. You're still on his Twitter trying to sound like you know something.

Whether or not Dwight is better than Shaq, I know that the Big Diesel could be me in a game of one on one, and be f**king f

narenas 2741 days ago

Shaq this actually looks like your wife you piece of shit....haha the best part about all this is it makes you look bad for hating on something your envious wish people respected you as much as dwight...but recently your the nba's biggest clown.

richreyes1982 2741 days ago

I use to be a shaq fan back when he was a laker player, and then I stopped when he left but shaq I have to admit u r 1 funnny motha (F)er, keep it up shaq

rap32 2741 days ago

dude looks like he just saw dwight howard and van gundy

johnfootpenis 2741 days ago

Shaq's just hating on Howard because he's worried people are starting to already forget about him because Howard, right now, is better AND more entertaining than Shaq. Also, for everyone who's gonna bash Howard and put up Shaq, Howard is currently 23 lead

GeminiT69 2741 days ago

well that aint right

chlax87dean 2741 days ago