Ji hoon jung


지금 나에게는 이것뿐이다...

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1605 days ago

지금 나에게는 이것뿐이다...


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jtunerain_ 1168 days ago


Cherry_Jaejoong 1587 days ago

oppa necesita dinero keke no lo creo =)

JulliChangSun 1596 days ago

O-o .. tudo bem... DESCULPA AÍ! ele tem dinheiro..eu não ...

saraifirefly 1599 days ago

At least you are rich in friendship. ; D

dangdangRain 1600 days ago

Chi Hoon, serving things you do not want to face, could not bear, but also want you to rest.

lorraine922928 1602 days ago

have you find your wallet? so worry about you!!!

Chiggynicks 1602 days ago

In that case, I think we should have ramen together.

AlmaFelina 1603 days ago

Hahahaha...ownn my love..i'll pay your dinner ^^

xiaosiye117 1603 days ago


raspatory 1603 days ago

아하하하하하 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

27jeng 1603 days ago

hahahaha .. silly !

rabbitdog_8 1603 days ago

안녕하십니까? 정지훈씨 지갑 찾아서 축하합니다. ^^
내일은 축하에 맛있는 요리를 전부(함께) 먹어 주십시오.

SilentBoy1992 1604 days ago

I Thought U very rich but No.

jjansooni88 1604 days ago

6,300원...그래도 이거라도 있으니 다행..아닌가요? ^^

JulyLaide 1604 days ago

You're very funny on having said that it's what you had. Always you make me laugh with your jokes hahaha

Rainwss501 1604 days ago

Rain you are rich give me just 1000 and take the 5000 hahaha XD ur so funny

Official_K8 1604 days ago

When I come to Asia I definitly would like to bring some Korean money and yen back to the U.S. just to keep

Official_K8 1604 days ago

use it WISELY! :) Hope you feel better!

Official_K8 1604 days ago

JiHoon I hope your wallet wasn't stolen! The money is pretty though! Different from U.S. money, haha

Angie_Crist 1604 days ago

poor JiHoon,I think many of us have lost things in taxis hehe ^^ lost my phone in a taxi sometime ago,I'm glad to know that you found your wallet. really enjoy kidding with you xD!! Fighting ^.~ 좋은 하루 되세요 =D