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very happy to have just come across very surreal sign

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2669 days ago

very happy to have just come across very surreal sign


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angellynnn 2669 days ago

Great sign! We have birds that get trapped in our building occasionally. Yesterday one flew into a window and hit really hard during an important meeting on the 4th floor.

ElaHeyn 2669 days ago

Is the manner of removal going to be safe for the sparrows, or just the people in the building?

osteogenesis 2669 days ago

Sing really means. When they have died and decomposed, this sign will be taken away. Well it would in my borough!

pffli 2669 days ago

In other words: "We know. We know. WE KNOW!!"

stupidgirl_no1 2669 days ago

I just can't stop thinking of this when I see this sign -

ivocado 2669 days ago

This is great, I love it!

jaffne 2669 days ago

These are important sparrows, to get that capitalisation. But not smart sparrows, as they can't get themselves out...

AlyzabethM 2669 days ago

Just so they know!

stupidgirl_no1 2669 days ago

How random!