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Hello, Colton Haynes here, this is my official account. Watch me in Teen Wolf on MTV as Jackson.

I ran in to my twin today...unreal

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1688 days ago

I ran in to my twin today...unreal


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xMrsPriceless 1442 days ago

OMG!!! :)

FollowAnesaHere 1687 days ago

its called photo shop people i dont think colton can share his gorgeous looks with someone else lol

ohsupkayla 1687 days ago

wait which ones wax???

StephanieUgo 1688 days ago

the one on the right is the real Colton. positive

UKteenwolves 1688 days ago

they both have the same watch and some kind of a black colour band lol

MyHeroLiam 1688 days ago

Haha What is the real one?

Marykate0128 1688 days ago

They are both you. haha

elithgreen 1688 days ago

que hermoso sos por dios mi amor!!! genial esta foto

tectonictee 1688 days ago

Lol its a photoshop blend.

ashrockergirl81 1688 days ago

Whoa freaky I can't tell you two apart so weird

jehunter80 1688 days ago

well i suppose the only thing hotter than one Colton is two Colton's lol

julesprothero 1688 days ago

There are 2 of you? Can the day get any better? I think not. :) (nice fake, very realistic)

zimpleguy 1688 days ago

Nice camara trick

TeenWolfTyPosey 1688 days ago

OMG! which one is u?

JennaMoore0987 1688 days ago

holy shit :O
i dont even know whos who...awks... :$