Dwight Howard


After the ring!

Another one

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1387 days ago

Another one


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christymaycam 1363 days ago

awwe I think I'm in luv what a cutie http://twitpic.com/6lv1ds

Luzdary88 1380 days ago

Aww a blue nose pit, my favorite dog<3

Stankss 1381 days ago

I think the name Capone fits him really well! Very cute pup!

HenzDH12 1386 days ago

Don't give him a name.. give him a title. The Grim. Legendary.

TJackCFL 1386 days ago

Zeus! The markings on his chest resemble exactly the Grecian God's homeland! It is remarkable! His name means the "Father of Gods and men" who ruled the Olympians of Mount Olympus as a father ruled the family. He is the god of sky and thunder in Greek myt

Ousataman 1386 days ago

i think you should call him "sad"...

heywitham 1387 days ago

call em Vaaan Gundy....hahaha

bunclel 1387 days ago

Or Tank go ghetto and call him Man-Man! Lol

bunclel 1387 days ago

He looks like he's gonna be a Beast!

Bhofelich 1387 days ago

just dont let mike come over..LOL

BethanyCobb13 1387 days ago


AmorZoey_ 1387 days ago


TamikoB 1387 days ago

Boshun! and you can always call him Bo! So so sooo cute!

msshay0305 1387 days ago

Awww, he is a dollface name him Da'jour or Droppy!

D2121 1387 days ago


soloking6996 1387 days ago

He's already a G!...

willettbball 1387 days ago

Magnus, means "Great" in Latin

Oakster207 1387 days ago

Jameer, I see a resemblance.

Conor_Pepin 1387 days ago


thiagotauyl 1387 days ago