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After the ring!

Heeeeeeyyyy world. I need help naming my new pup. Help me out

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1865 days ago

Heeeeeeyyyy world. I need help naming my new pup. Help me out


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spshellk 1841 days ago

freethrow? LOL jk jk!!! I think I like BLUE. it's simple & makes sense!

siddaleer 1853 days ago

How about "Dribble?"

Jochem303 1855 days ago

Baco, Google, Twitter, Mormo, Whiskey, loeka, lyka, hope, signe.

AdamWisniewski_ 1856 days ago

SUPERMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luzdary88 1857 days ago

Congrats! You got the cutest dog there is. Name him Blue, simple and sweet :)

joannetaylorj 1858 days ago

Orlando, Prince, Ices, Scoby Doby DOO

Stankss 1858 days ago


pam12cas 1859 days ago


pam12cas 1859 days ago

Very very beautifull dog!!!

pam12cas 1859 days ago

Dynamite!! lol

ishacookie 1860 days ago

"Shogan" -the assassin. Or "Ninja"


awww adorable, how bout grayness (he lookz gray though if he iz not)


JorgeDanielGot1 1861 days ago

Krypto the Superdog

ummucapraz 1863 days ago


bojanmitev 1863 days ago

he should be called SuperDog

Natsagaa9 1863 days ago

Captian or Locky

ShouldBWalking 1863 days ago

Ki-Jana (Carter) or Trajan (Langdon)

KJ_NBA 1863 days ago

Blocks. Or Dunks. Or Ticket (after KG).

ShakethaRenee 1864 days ago

i want one a boy and i wanna name him Blue, Nino, or Tiny or girl name Baby

ToddWilliams357 1864 days ago

Steel it is!