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1745 days ago


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JKSeel_Miracle 1734 days ago

Wow! She's got a tatoo!!!!!!!

wallbounce 1738 days ago

Love it! I have one at the back of my neck =)

Andy_0814 1743 days ago

Whoaa tatoo!!

seulggi 1743 days ago

BEAUTIFUL 너무 예뻐요ㅠㅠ

mattheus382 1744 days ago

You are gorgeous! ♥

Cloud_Sea 1745 days ago

완전 멋지십니다^^ 아름다워요ㅎ

AaronAndresLee 1745 days ago

nice shot.

BoA_0611 1745 days ago

 World Universe Best World Star BoA Kwon IS BEAUTIFUL BEYOND DESCRIPTION 여신강림 권보아 세계 우주 최고 세계의 별 울 보아온니님 사진 올려주셔서 진심으로 머리숙여 감사드립니다(_

JanTr2511 1745 days ago

I love ur tattoo... And ur back so... sexy T.T

IGNIZKOF2002UM 1745 days ago

뒷태도 아름다워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 사랑합니다♥ㅇ♥

BoAlohaNuiLoa 1745 days ago

BoA is bringing "sexy back" ;)

XR_Oohlala 1745 days ago

Woohoo yeah the tattoo~~ BoA chan you are so beautiful and gorgeous ^^

umi750724 1745 days ago

뒤모습너무좋아.. 한국언제컴백할거야.보고싶다.

SuBjn 1745 days ago

I love your back ...haha :D

crystal09081 1745 days ago

Chị thật sự rất tuyệt!