Kenny Smith


Two-time NBA Champion Kenny Smith is in his 13th full season as an NBA studio analyst for TNT’s Emmy® award-winning studio show Inside the NBA

Haha that's him when he was younger

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2671 days ago

Haha that's him when he was younger


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ToddCooper75 2671 days ago

Kenny, lovin' it. I like the tie bein' a little off center. I was always like that too coz would dress reluctantly and quickly for formal pix. Just don't let the Chuckster or Ernie or your producers get this!

beamoore61 2671 days ago

This photo says it all. "What I really want to do is call the shots!"

zuinton 2671 days ago

Son...the butterfly collar is off the hook and almost covering you tie. Awesome photo!!! We, my brother and I, have similar flicks.

cnjx 2671 days ago

back in the day that's how they did it on picture day. I know old school cats who put on a suit to take their Drivers License pic.

apolonia_milan 2671 days ago

que cute ;) shoot you been! wearing suits

JungyWungy 2671 days ago

handsome young fella

RabWayne 2671 days ago

You look like you wanna be a rapper!

AnnaInTheHouse 2671 days ago

LMAO!! :D He hasn't aged a day xD too cute

MrAlexArmijo 2671 days ago

Damn the end of that collar point goes all the way down to his knees.

king_pen 2671 days ago

jet's style looks the same then as it does now

jody0862 2671 days ago

LOL guess he was going hard with the suits back in the days 2, that was the first suit ever made hahahaha! jk

JBpags1 2671 days ago

Ben Wallace was inspired by this pic

KingRugbyRasta 2671 days ago

That's Classic !!!!!

dyyhard 2671 days ago

always knew there was a missing member of the Jackson 5(6???)!!!!

Jomz_Jimenez 2671 days ago


dyyhard 2671 days ago

kenny the jet smith's account has been hacked by his own blood. lolololol.

The_URG 2671 days ago

Ladies & Gents, Kenny Smith has just been ehtered by his children!

tdotsonsr 2671 days ago

Kenny I heard of plastic on the furniture, but on the suit! I like the julius irving though.

tgundred 2671 days ago


simplynono 2671 days ago