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Verne Troyer sat in on our Tony Hawk Ride demo. Best Twitpic ever?

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2676 days ago

Verne Troyer sat in on our Tony Hawk Ride demo. Best Twitpic ever?


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Eela97 2574 days ago

Pretty cool. But if you look to the right theres an XBOX 360! ARGH! Lies! Evil!

meancode 2671 days ago

Easily the best Twitpic ever!

hurrdurr 2671 days ago

Holy shit, I have the same receiver!

ev86 2672 days ago

Can't wait to try RIDE out!!!

Slasher115 2672 days ago

Is that the new Project Natal thingy for XBOX 360?

stuntjuiceinc 2675 days ago

Awesome bro, we think you rock!

woohit42 2675 days ago

Ride vern!! Very cool!

PIN72 2675 days ago

GO VERNE!!!!!!!

SonriaSunshine 2675 days ago

Yes it is! That's badass!

xbamfan 2675 days ago

That's the most coolest picture ever :D

grindforlife 2675 days ago


zosyn 2675 days ago

WOW, that looks amazing, and Minime to boot!

Woblezz 2675 days ago


Woblezz 2675 days ago


ErikMarie 2675 days ago

I think this may be the best Twitpic ever ^_^

Xee_Thot 2675 days ago

Dude! I love the Verne! Guy's awesome!

Slasher115 2675 days ago

Sorry I meant cute! I am always mistyping in the last 24 hours!!!

Slasher115 2675 days ago

lol cute?

ginnylicious 2675 days ago


TplusDUB 2676 days ago

Shredder!! What's the code to skate as him? Haha. That game and board are going to kill it.