Awesome Sao Paulo!! Kiss you~~~!!!

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1695 days ago

Awesome Sao Paulo!! Kiss you~~~!!!


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XJAPAN7 1662 days ago

Beautiful show!!! Congratulations X-JAPAN!!

xkaorux 1669 days ago

X JAPAN with Sugizo live in BRAZIL T_T cried......The best show of my life!
Arigato, Sugizo-san and X JAPAN!!!!! I miss you!!!

Moorangooo 1686 days ago

SUGIZO GOSTOSO! ^^ thanks for the great live in brazil! come back soon with LUNA SEA! luv u

TsukiTanemura 1690 days ago

Many kisses for you too!!! ^o^ Thanks for amazing time! Come back soon!! _o/

Dan_Hisa 1694 days ago

Thanks for the great show in Brazil, Sugizo. Please, come back with Luna Sea!

Sense_Croix 1695 days ago

Niiiiiiiiiice :) amazing♥ love you~*kiss kiss*

asylum__garden 1695 days ago

Thanks for coming to Brazil, Sugizo! You are amazing.

yomi_child 1695 days ago

Brazil loves you!

yomi_child 1695 days ago

Thank you Sugizo! Kiss infinitys for you <3 You fucking guitar and violin!

Gugakyo 1695 days ago

Brazil Loves you!! Sugizo you're fucking ROCKSTAR!! You're amazing, thanks for coming to Brazil.

BiancaRetek 1695 days ago

aah, Sugizo ^0^ thank you

Mel_PinkSpider 1695 days ago

Beautiful your photos~ ♥

natsunoshiro 1695 days ago

Oh My God ♥

Leely_Wood 1695 days ago

Brazil loves you! ♥

akasha0102 1695 days ago

OMG so amazing ! I Love you <33

TimePinkX 1695 days ago

I think I found myself!!! Yay!!! You're a super cute guy!!!!! Loved you!!!!!

TanyaArnika 1695 days ago

Kisses from Ukraine for you!!!

cheriebunny 1695 days ago

I can only see my single light in front of the X light all the way in the back! Good enough!

sushiornotsushi 1695 days ago

Oh my, I'm there! 8D Geez. Thank you for the show, Sugizo-san, you are awesome.

OrionOnceAgain 1695 days ago

I AM THEEEEEERE (somewhere) ♥ Sugizo, you're amazing. You're fucking amazing. I almost cried when you played the violin.