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1694 days ago



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Chops_Top_Fives 1693 days ago

Looks like Alex is wondering if he can back away slowly and get out of there without anyone seeing.

MartinSHines 1693 days ago

That child disgusts me. David Cameron rucksacks are SO passe.

NathanTrout 1693 days ago

Does David Cameron only own that one t-shirt?

Francis_Martin 1694 days ago

correct Lilly. 2 snidey cunts right there..

lawrencefarrow1 1694 days ago

I fancy cheese & a quick spin now ........................................

ric_francis 1694 days ago

Ha! My kids got a photo with Alex & Clarkson but we didn't even notice Cameron :-D

TWlTTER252309 1694 days ago


Hineshp 1694 days ago

The little girls thought "dad tells country child abuse is bad but makin me stand nxt to clarkson is torture"

leiselily 1694 days ago

The little girl is saying "quick where's my social worker?"

eleanorawhhxD 1694 days ago

To be honest, i just hope to god you aren't referring to Clarkson.

lilyseaborne 1694 days ago

I'd rather eat my own face than be that child right now, or at all..

Musicmarie 1694 days ago

Not my bag, sorry pouch, either! x

lucylaw5 1694 days ago

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! (with a little cutie thrown in for good measure) x

egneg 1694 days ago

thats Alex James of Blur aswell isnt it?

Ms_SamanthaJ 1694 days ago

cameron and the baby sling? *not the baby*

Gaz911 1694 days ago

Two right wing nutters.............. and David Cameron

sarahknows1 1694 days ago

Shame a bird didn't fly over and play target practice!

DurtyDickDaniel 1694 days ago

I dont see it o_o

steveking12 1694 days ago

clarkson tory boy knob:))

AussieBinLiner 1694 days ago

What in particular in your picture are you referring to?