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송편 >< 직접 만들어 먹는 우리집 김가네 ㅋㅋㅋ 모두모두 송편먹고 행복하세요 ~~~^^

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1911 days ago

송편 >< 직접 만들어 먹는 우리집 김가네 ㅋㅋㅋ 모두모두 송편먹고 행복하세요 ~~~^^


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CHOMTRUEMIN 1899 days ago

Zhe shi shenme a??

JessLuvRyeowook 1899 days ago

I see this alot but I m always curious of what it is

chastine0918 1903 days ago

What are those? o.O

jowookie 1906 days ago

what's that hyung?

Lujainx_x 1909 days ago


peacheeky 1909 days ago

what kind of food is that?

toroly 1909 days ago


_1Oo7 1909 days ago

kan qi lai hen wenxin,hen hao chi ^^ (It looks warming,and very delicious ^^)

ChoKyuHee 1909 days ago

I want to try :((

punsapphire 1910 days ago

chúa tôi :]] cái gia đình 4 Kim của anh làm à wook :]]

kiroitori73 1910 days ago


NourhanSamir 1910 days ago

oppa tell how i can make this food??? i want make it for my family^^

_JazminCruz 1910 days ago

Yomi (:

Ying411 1910 days ago

Wow~* give me one please~><" ,,, Lovely Kim's Family^^ HAPPY HAPPY~^0^

paulaeduarda 1910 days ago

waaaa look delicious oppa... <3

faiwook 1910 days ago

น่ากินอ่ะ > <

kmjinie93 1911 days ago

weeeewwww~! delicious! throw(?) me some! XDDDD

BeileenP 1911 days ago

wow~i want~~~~~oppa,give me some!!haha~

GaemGyuniez 1911 days ago

yummy >0<~~~ so delicious xD~~~~ Is this mooncake xD~

only1root3 1911 days ago

wow! delicious! we have moon cakes in malaysia too^^ happy chuseok oppa!