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@jhev1 thanks for the reminder Here's an aurora px Better ones coming soon #FromSpace #NASA

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1269 days ago

thanks for the reminder Here's an aurora px Better ones coming soon #FromSpace #NASA


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kryssyskingdom 1261 days ago

Truly wild.. love it... that is an astounding view

drewr15 1266 days ago

That is amazing!

mmmcereal 1268 days ago

so amazing! seeing the aurora is one of my goals on earth....never even thought about what it looked like in SPACE!

Diannesyz2 1268 days ago

So cool. Aurora Australis caused by an impact of high energy particles and solar flares from the sun striking the upper atmosphere near the south magnetic pole. Can reach
40 degrees latitude.

cllaudiosantos 1268 days ago


Vodka_Jack_Gin 1269 days ago

GAH! That is so coo! It's like the light is dancing on the skin of the world...

iDKGOOGLEiT 1269 days ago

WOW that's AWESOME!! I love your pics!

govi47 1269 days ago

I HAVE A DREAM!! to be there and see this...

Isaac_caricuao 1269 days ago

Tremenda imagen...

Intrmnt50 1269 days ago

yow! thank you!

modern_dragon 1269 days ago

Wow. Another breathtakingly beautiful view of Earth.

dobbs2009 1269 days ago


PC0101 1269 days ago

Brandnew shot of aurora australis from 400 mi W of French & Southern Antarctic Lands in the Indian Ocean #fromspace.

_CarloMariano_ 1269 days ago

Wow! Such a great view.uch a great view.