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You know... the Eat It guy.

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Oh, that Banksy!

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1087 days ago

Oh, that Banksy!


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KAITEE_DID 1085 days ago

Ok...,like I've been lookin' HARD & I don't know where the Pen Is?!

rose6156 1087 days ago

and sometimes artists imitate Banksy

rose6156 1087 days ago

justbeingdenise 1087 days ago


pigletk 1087 days ago

Las Vegas mayor said they should get their thumbs cut off for grafitti-what should be cut off here?

TWlTTER252217 1087 days ago


magicsalad 1087 days ago

Really knows how to distill a joke down to its finest essence.

HeyRed 1087 days ago

It's so hard to interpret what he's trying to say with this piece.

Bruno_Eduardo 1087 days ago


djowink 1087 days ago

No dicking around, that took some balls to pull off.

imperialguy 1087 days ago


MarkRyden 1087 days ago

My first attempt at Graffiti art and Banksy gets the credit.

Ludovicaa 1087 days ago

Well that hits the level of my humour anyway.. You thought it was funny, I thought it was funny NP!

LimeTH 1087 days ago

He's the voice of the people.

BarryTheMuslim 1087 days ago

It's not Banksy and Strange Alfred knows that. It's clearly Picaso.

PerdidoenBosque 1087 days ago

Remember: The penis mightier than the sword

n4th4niel1994 1087 days ago

Whats with all the people who are like "I don't that's banksy"... do you really not get the joke?

boudrou1217 1087 days ago

I don't think that's banksy al! It looks more like a 14 year old girls expertise work! Way more knowledgeable.

curiousbutterfl 1087 days ago

ROTFLMAO! Awesome.

selfarrested 1087 days ago

This Reaches new heights of artistic graffiti