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I bet Harry-Ginny is making Sparkly Cedric really miss Cho Chang....

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1916 days ago

I bet Harry-Ginny is making Sparkly Cedric really miss Cho Chang....


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Karelly_jd 1815 days ago


plm3010 1836 days ago

HAHAHA.... Agora eu entendo... And where I was heading to... Gosh...

_LadyAngel 1840 days ago

edward's like wth did i just put myself into? *hangs himself up* ...bella follows him 10 seconds ! Long live Harry Potter :D

natalexa 1861 days ago

So True!! Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

leov4Idez 1866 days ago


brazerika 1879 days ago

you go girl \o

aviv333 1880 days ago

this is genius!! xD

NevilleLongbot 1880 days ago

Saw that thousand times. Laughed thousand times.

HaleLightning 1883 days ago

I said it once and I'll say it again :Bella has ni chance not her nor twilight nor edward ......against the Cast and empire of Harry Potter

NatzJan999 1883 days ago

hahahahaha!!! genial!

LovaticSykester 1888 days ago

hahaha Harry Potter <3

virgemilene 1890 days ago

muerta! x)

ShortOnCache 1891 days ago

That's my girl LOL

SheilaKyuChang 1891 days ago


Kiohtel 1892 days ago

Nice face.

ShockingHeaven 1893 days ago


oolgana 1894 days ago


MsBriannaLynne 1897 days ago

Hahaha love it!

Milkeyboom 1898 days ago

hahaha Bella ololo :D

nafissadnan 1900 days ago

LOL .. stupid bella hahaha . you are really dont have brain bella hahaha thats why edward cant read your thought hahaha lmao