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The teaser picture for our next update is here first on twitter!

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1452 days ago

The teaser picture for our next update is here first on twitter!


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JackTheJaderJax 1392 days ago

Im so going there :D

it_tang 1446 days ago

looks like the front entrance of Zemouregal's Base, and I'm guessin we get 2 explore/ raid it in the ROTM quest.
Either that or its Lucien's, but its no mistake that its a mahjarrat's.

misko_uoga 1447 days ago

romt is fist ? =O on behind the sceens rsc is first =/

barkaim 1449 days ago

Needs flying buttresses would look much more epic with the tall gothic look it has already

SolensVrede 1450 days ago

I see a Mahjarrat skull above the door!@@@@@@@@@@@
Dis quest gun be epix!$€£€GRE *spam spam spam*

parn125 1450 days ago

zomg!!!!!!! im sooooooooo excited this quest is gonna be EPIC :]

Zethnon 1451 days ago

Epic , Mahjarrat fortress :D

sensa7ional 1451 days ago

holy shit at the tards thinking it's a slayer dungeon - it's obviously rotm, read the bts downies

LordWalleo 1451 days ago

Most likely new slayer dungeon or some form of tower, quests aren't normally released till end of bts

300thTitan 1451 days ago

Glad I got the levels for it before bonus xp weekend :P

Amascut 1451 days ago

PILLARSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss #AreAGirlsBestFriend

OfficialAmascut 1451 days ago

Hey, it's Zemouregal's Fort :D
ROTM is coming!

robohobo64 1451 days ago


Quantumtaco28 1451 days ago

It must be rotm, its the only other update in bts, and i dont think this is loyalty rewards..

MrHearts 1451 days ago

That New Dungeon Most Likely, Doubt it's ROTM.

GirlsEnjoyMe 1452 days ago

Finally! The Mahjarrat? :D!

gingie05 1452 days ago

!!!!!! - Awesome!!! - Now I'm just going be counting the hours... Thanks :(

KahBahGee 1452 days ago

Ritual of the Mahjarrat already? :o