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@justdemi've got your own back

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1357 days ago've got your own back


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gsm007g 947 days ago

Demi....You still Look just like you did in St.Elmo' me.

marigogo 1296 days ago

Demi you look gr8! Im 46 right behind you, I also had a cougar relationship he was the love of my life, still miss him, but life goes on my friend, be well!!!

Palvezi 1308 days ago

...thia is cowardice !!!...

rvdano52 1310 days ago

I`ve seen more skin at the Beach, I don`t understand all of the hoopla.

ModelDom 1311 days ago

'The Cock-tease' - also known as the reason why needed to pick on someone his 'own age'.

fernandomunioz7 1317 days ago

Beauty always you Demi! kisses from LIMA PERU

IgorKarel 1319 days ago

mmm ... for the next one comes out a little more bottom

Xbcpaperguy 1323 days ago

Love it! Now turn around. :)

alihaider_aftab 1325 days ago

true.... cheer up!

MzGoldenRatio 1328 days ago

MzGoldenRatio 1328 days ago

All experiences even bad or unhappy can strengthen people too. We are all tested to the extremes in our lives. He still wears his wedding ring!

MzGoldenRatio 1328 days ago

I think you are right but I do believe that Ashton probably misses you. Males can have sex with other willing women, but realize it makes them feel bad in some way..coz there's no love there.

lacyleathers 1329 days ago

very true... and a good reminder!

LizBechtold 1331 days ago

I agree!

atnysuggestions 1333 days ago

that is; I.E.

atnysuggestions 1333 days ago


Jeannine_C_ 1335 days ago

Sooooooo true!

interearth 1337 days ago


forevafit 1337 days ago

We hve to hve our own back bcause who else can we women really trust to hve our back.I get the photo