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you have seen a twitpic like this before here. any guess as to what happened to this patient? this is a ct scan of the cervical spine.

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2550 days ago

you have seen a twitpic like this before here. any guess as to what happened to this patient? this is a ct scan of the cervical spine.


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kyrasinging2 2515 days ago

dr gupta is it broken or is it anterior dislocation??

Kusa2k 2515 days ago

Hmm lupus perhaps?

ocsaplaya18 2532 days ago

talk about back pains!

tweetalker 2544 days ago

looks like a backache. ouch!

nickkalantari 2544 days ago

ugh character limit. "...enabling an evolution in clinical care along this vein?"

nickkalantari 2544 days ago

Great idea posting these here, Dr. Gupta. I think it'd be a great idea if more doctors conferred each other about patients like this where qualified peers were not available within a limited locale. Do you foresee online communities enabling an evolution

teresa2421 2544 days ago

Hey, I know how to spell quadriplegic and I really should have typed his or her life! Thanks.

teresa2421 2544 days ago

I think this unlucky male or female is dead. If not; definitely quadripegic for the rest of his life!

tomd22 2544 days ago

Probable partial or total severing of the spinal cord. This patient is unfortunately now a quadriplegic.

YOUBTHECHANGE 2544 days ago

This should B Posted at Every Pool!! Thanks for the info!!! :)Shari Champagne

drewsue 2544 days ago

Ouch...that has got to hurt! Thank you Dr. Gupta for that reminder! Stay safe everyone!!

sherriva 2544 days ago

Just a friendly reminder not to dive in a shallow pool would have sufficed. Now my back hurts. Yikes!

drsanjaygupta 2544 days ago

the 5th bone of the cervical spine is broken and pushed onto the spinal cord.happened from diving into a shallow pool. remember this picture when at the pool this summer. have fun, but be safe!

JulieAmoss 2544 days ago

Dr. Gupta, are you going to state your assessment of the neck fx pt?

ResumeResQ 2545 days ago

Dr. Gupta: Please come back here and tell us...curiousity is killing us!

SusanVarsames 2545 days ago

my guess is explosion fragments from a suicide bomber....

JulieAmoss 2546 days ago

Dr. Gupta is that a fusion plate? Odd item. Without an AP view, we may have a patient that is not with us or on a vent.

we_find_um 2548 days ago

my guess is an IED exploded very near this person leaving thhis debrie..

Robert_Valente 2548 days ago

Okay - we have waited a decent amount of time - between brain surgery and TV spots, has Sanjay spilled the beans on this yet???

katbcarey 2548 days ago

Ouch! Does this person still have use of their limbs?