I can tickle a gnarly synth.

You guys ready to see me from almost 7 years ago? Three things: #TimeFlies #theComboverLives #poppunknostalgia

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1720 days ago

You guys ready to see me from almost 7 years ago? Three things: #TimeFlies #theComboverLives #poppunknostalgia


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beccadanielle8D 1691 days ago

Even then, you were stunningly beautiful! <3

Pandurz 1719 days ago

He didn't even realize how lucky he was.

iamJordanL 1720 days ago

I'm very envious of that guy.

fightfan7 1720 days ago

rise against 7 years ago?

damn there an old band

xAmandaDawnx 1720 days ago

Love!!!!! :)

hey_marcello 1720 days ago

acheei meu xitsu!

DanCoco90 1720 days ago

February Air Hair!!!! <3 It!!!

gabri3lpaul 1720 days ago

:D Time does laCombover! Ever think about cutting ur hair that short again? j/w

UltimaNinjaTwig 1720 days ago

Whoa....still hot. XD

NatalieNDrocks 1720 days ago

WOW WE haha i look liked shit 7 years ago

tannercub 1720 days ago

holy shit you were still hot!

VickyMeit 1720 days ago

Buena Lights con remera de Rise Againsttt

dreamingawakex 1720 days ago

HAH! old school scene kid.... oh i can relate..

sydisnotw 1720 days ago

Woah! Your hair is so short! You're so prettttty. :)

Johnny_Havok 1720 days ago

Hot<3 O.O"

sajak551 1720 days ago

Surprisingly no huge difference - let's see 14 years back :P

jlog3000 1720 days ago

Old school mode. :D lol

TheSuzieBlue 1720 days ago

Gorgeous, as always!! :)

Baushi 1720 days ago

how cute.

Andrew_Goddard8 1720 days ago