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Another: Texas wildfires #FromSpace (from our last orbit) Taken today 9/8/11 @ 3:50PM GMT #TXWildfire

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1318 days ago

Another: Texas wildfires #FromSpace (from our last orbit) Taken today 9/8/11 @ 3:50PM GMT #TXWildfire


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Diannesyz2 1318 days ago

Rain made the vegetation thick along time ago which made fuel for the fire and then it dried out with the drought and caused the fires. When rain comes again vegetation will start to grow again and build up again.

Kickalien 1318 days ago


PC0101 1318 days ago

70 mm lens was used for this wide view over SW Louisiana #fromspace. Altitude: 250 miles (400 km).

SophalMiracle 1318 days ago

We need t/Heavenly sprinkler systems 2help put the #TXWildfire out! May God protects t/Firemen there!

racalado 1318 days ago

Estão acontecendo incêndios no Texas a alguns dias... =/ E não vi isso na tv. =S

eu_hal9000 1318 days ago

ISS has an orbit between 171 and 286 miles. That effect depends on lenses used normally 800mm or higher

ThatsSoBrandon 1318 days ago

It seems like you're so much closer to the surface of Earth than I thought #fromspace. So amazing.

eu_hal9000 1318 days ago

Great shot. Perfectly visible from bottom : White lake, Grand lake,Calcasieu lake and Sabine lake

sweetgazer1 1318 days ago

Great pic, so clear, wildfires rendered even more extraordinary phenomenon when seen #fromspace.

eugeniafessia 1318 days ago

They¨re really huge to see that plume #FromSpace, hope people live near the zone is safe in another place. tks 4 sharing!