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Here's a pic at the train station. Much different than grand central huh?

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1334 days ago

Here's a pic at the train station. Much different than grand central huh?


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2KHAnna 1304 days ago

You're absolutely WOW just as always. :) I hope you'll go to Siberia one day. Love you! :)

Ovsiankin 1305 days ago

Excuse me, what is the difference comparing grand central?

AdoringRussian 1318 days ago

Dear Hugh, it is funnier than you think - you were actually in front of a subway station entrance. Lovingly, etc...

sol_sch 1325 days ago

hugh,i need to tell you,i love you!!You are the greatest men in the world.Kisses from argentina

isofblue 1328 days ago

Hey Huge, glad to hear yur bak on Broadway!!! Thanks for sharing your life with us..muah1

LeilaAckles 1330 days ago

Hugh, you are more beautiful!

EyhikaMiya 1330 days ago

Awesome :)

Malaya_Ladz 1333 days ago

ugh, how cud i miss tis pic? :))

ilykotov 1333 days ago

Where're the 's fans I wonder? Did anybody understand who you are & make a photo?

Bon1 1333 days ago

Ur a genuinely open, honest, caring and sharing person!! I luv ur heart!!

Bon1 1333 days ago

BTW...thank u from my heart for sharing!! This is part of what makes people luv u!! ;)

Bon1 1333 days ago

Yes, it certainly is different!! Luv the jeans!! I'm a jeans girl!! U look gr8t!! ;)

harleenDrakeCas 1334 days ago

Totally different! Love ya!!!! <3

DrBurk 1334 days ago

OMG!You're in Mscw!i live here,didn't know u're comin'(otherwise i'd sit on the Red Sq all day)

CharlottePie14 1334 days ago

you drive me crazy so!!!!!!!!!!!!

AnushaRaj84 1334 days ago

Mwaaaaaaaah....aah u carry so much in hand..c'mon gimme & Hug(h)s..i love that pose..was this pic taken for WE - your twitter lovers..

iVanoff1 1334 days ago

actually that`s not train`s enterance to subway))

SophalMiracle 1334 days ago

A Handsome Man is smiling @ the Train Station! If U were Happy i/Paris,you' d B Happy anywhere!

noeliacadiz78 1334 days ago


LuiseBlubii 1334 days ago

great pic :) :D