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Aaarrrrggghhh!!!! Few more hours left! So stoked

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1816 days ago

Aaarrrrggghhh!!!! Few more hours left! So stoked


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surrealyou 1815 days ago

Looks beautiful. A job well done. That'll do pig.

B182AB 1815 days ago

Now you can only wear sleeveless t-shirts...

Galbert628 1815 days ago

That's fuckin awesome

AmyHeartsYouxx 1816 days ago

Is that Cthulhu on your arm? That's a pretty awesome tattoo.

Crass_915 1816 days ago

Cthulhu, is on your arm dude?! Only a true deadmau5 could handle that!

TheChrsm96 1816 days ago

bad ass tatoo!

RubiaKamal 1816 days ago

It keeps reminding me of Pirates of The Caribbean . Lol you got Davy Jones on your arm. I LIKE IT

Stacy_M 1816 days ago

Nice Bold!

Fakhd 1816 days ago


jrod_52 1816 days ago

One of the best sleeves ive ever seen!! Wish I had the cash flow to get that kind of work done

DJSexa 1816 days ago

Wow, he's gonna be awesome!

JameeDee425 1816 days ago

That's fucking Awesome!! #radical!!!

Lovelyy_Lex 1816 days ago


Rockcztar 1816 days ago

Awesome dude!! thats Sick!!!