Eun Hyuk


형 안경어디꺼야? 3D안경이야?

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1152 days ago

형 안경어디꺼야? 3D안경이야?


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biglove_suju 952 days ago

always handsome @@

1011Tiny 952 days ago

this sungglasses didnt work on you oppa :|

azizah_fakhrotu 978 days ago

oh my leader

REEHEON97 986 days ago

woooooooooow oppa nomo nice^_^

Nupla9052 1011 days ago

Oppa so handsome :)

JurisRulona0403 1087 days ago

My oppa/Appa LEETEUK ~Saranghae~ :D :D

_TheBadGirl_ 1091 days ago

ooh 이 특 oppa so handsome :'>

so_beast_ys 1091 days ago

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3D 아 웃기셩... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

AdriRaindrop 1102 days ago

Teukie, you're smile never fails to make my heart stop ^^

MinHosedef 1105 days ago

So cool Teuk opaa... really 정말로

yaraP8 1106 days ago

Looks goood ^^

OtakuMiyu 1111 days ago

woooo sexy (Y)

JanramSimma 1116 days ago

I'm proud of you guys that you intend to work hard and work you out, well, I follow the work of you guys since the first album to album, 5, and then I have you, I can sing every song and that's it SJ .is not my language, but it made me learn the lang

yanie_canada 1126 days ago

my prince jung soo....i love ur smile(dimple)soooooo much.

lany_Elfevilkyu 1127 days ago

haha Mr.Teuki ...

mzlilboogie24 1128 days ago

mr simple lookin good!!!!

GwaiTripleS 1129 days ago

ทึกกี้หล่อ! ><

BlueSun911 1129 days ago

اومو اوموو خخخخ

angelVirgo2913 1129 days ago

ôi anh trai em đẹp trai quá!!>~<anh trai em đẹp trai quá!!>~<

gaby_kpopers 1129 days ago