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Northern nights agh we love it woof...

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1915 days ago

Northern nights agh we love it woof...


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crazycatvalou 1859 days ago

poor boys ..ahahah as spoiled as my cats

breezebeau 1915 days ago

aww bless there they are , looking so angelic..please teach my three boys to behave like that !!

mrsjbjsfanbelg 1915 days ago


lenock62 1915 days ago

Class! Animals are a miracle in true! A miracle which we have tamed. And here to me does not carry with dogs - that the car will move, will run away. I do not know how to be even. It is a pity so happens, that to tears.

jedikat71 1915 days ago

You and have the cutest kids! ;)

MicheleBriere 1915 days ago

This thing needs a thumbs up button. The 'kids' are so cute!

Anghaell 1915 days ago

Why do I hear the theme 4 the X Files looking at this pic - u really need 2 get the eye/ camera thing sorted !

mum_of_two_kids 1915 days ago

awwwwwwww so cute why is ppl saying charlies got a wig i thought that was his ears not a wig is it

pinklady9087 1915 days ago

bless the dogs love then but thought u was going to twitter photo of your self

OhSkittledOne 1915 days ago

That's a wig?

kittyprice86 1915 days ago

awww i LOVE charlie's wig!!!

Lesleyanne_x 1915 days ago

There all cute but luv the one on the left : ) x

purplerift 1915 days ago

they are adorable to cute

Haley_xx 1915 days ago

Lovely Spolit Doggies :) There Like Hmm Daddy We Love Norther Nights :) X

Ganamor13 1915 days ago

All three have the "you woke me up" look.

MrsRTBG 1915 days ago

WOW your dogs can type , Woahhhh....!!!! , Lol , I really want some Nothern night things now , :-D , XxXx .

Rachel_Margera 1915 days ago

God, These Dogs Are So Pampered HaHa :P They Are Gorgouse Though :')

evo0308 1915 days ago

Three spoilt dogs - beautiful

sazy789 1915 days ago

they are just so cute

kuberater 1915 days ago

Sweeties, just make u want to crawl back into that cosy bed.