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Northern nights theif.

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1698 days ago

Northern nights theif.


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Islander2001 1642 days ago

Would that be the american spelling of Thief ????????????? ;-) ;-) ;-) or Scottish ?

sexysuzie45 1697 days ago

Lol your face...5 minutes later John was rugby tackled near exit by 2 burly security staff....
Like the blue n cream one

toshisback 1697 days ago

Isn't that a comp prize for all your work for NN on QVC? You need a bigger hoodie with pockets.

jedikat71 1698 days ago

I have both a Northern Nights comforter and blanket. You're welcome to sleep over at my house!

TheRealNicoleM 1698 days ago would! :) <3 u!

pinklady9087 1698 days ago

naughty naughty bless u lol will we see u cuddle up with scott with them hope so

purplerift 1698 days ago

lol your face to cute lol

Haley_xx 1698 days ago

HaHa! Is that the look you carry on hustle hehe ;) Cant take you anywhere HaHa X

MrsRTBG 1698 days ago

HAHA!!!! your face , Did you only manage to get away with one :'-( , LOL , XxXx .

Rachel_Margera 1698 days ago

The Face.. HaHa! X

sazy789 1698 days ago

hahahathats a gooden lol

OhSkittledOne 1698 days ago


caroltys 1698 days ago

Oh John, you are the best. You cheer me up...Great show..

Invergarick 1698 days ago

Caught in the Act..ha..ha....XXX

mrsjbarrowman2b 1698 days ago

John spank spank lol

honeybunnyhk 1698 days ago

You have had a long day, that northern nights is handy to snuggle in the car on your way home.

Amywstar 1698 days ago

Good photo when did u turn a naughty man lol xx

unsaidragdoll 1698 days ago

Go back grab me one please I'm not fussy what colour it is lol Thank you, Hope you pop to Wolverhampton one day

DinooClo 1698 days ago

Hands up !.... You're really the best ! Gorgeous and funny !
Love U for all of that !

SuperNovaGleek 1698 days ago

HAHA, thought you werent having the blue one? xD ♥