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What do you all think of the ghost costume I wore on stage at The @Deadmau5 show?

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1963 days ago

What do you all think of the ghost costume I wore on stage at The show?


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villaintoscana 1928 days ago

This very good image
By villaintoscana

Bigsunny83G 1938 days ago

That's great!!! hahaha

KAUEMENEGHELLI 1943 days ago

So sexy! :) ♥

Toscana_toscana 1951 days ago

Very sensual!
BY Villa Toscana Tuscany

HiltonRu 1960 days ago

lol babe. awesome. :D i love ya. ♥

LisbonHilton 1961 days ago

I recognise your knee

Friday94 1962 days ago

Haha awesome! :D

pero71 1963 days ago

Very impressive!!!!!

gold55556999 1963 days ago

very creative.

mydogmurphy 1963 days ago

cool, you look better without the sheet

DanaNino2004 1963 days ago

ok but what is up with your knee??!!

gorius57 1963 days ago


YellowBrickRd73 1963 days ago


Gabriela_APP 1963 days ago

Sexy Ghost!

frankienista 1963 days ago

of all the white lady you are the hottest of them all.. would you scare me pretty white hot lady paris?

Elmynah 1963 days ago

If ghosts looked like this, most guys would stay awake at midnite hoping they'l get a vist 4rm one

TsuperKosi 1963 days ago

you look stunning! haha loves it!

FooftyLisa 1963 days ago

Glam face on that ghost. A little creepy,but i guess it's suppose to be? Love you Paris

allmatz 1963 days ago

bitchy ghost lol

Tomyguitar 1963 days ago

love the red lips!! very paris! ;)