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Tha Crew Western Wear Day

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1997 days ago

Tha Crew Western Wear Day


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BrewCrew_1984 1995 days ago

They showed this on 'Around the Horn"....Great!

donkey_punch1 1995 days ago


YoungNFreMattyP 1996 days ago

Hey nyjer, I don't see you throwing any T's on that uniform!?

PreGame54751 1996 days ago

Hahaha, I saw this on Sports Center last night. Love it! Go Brew Crew!

MKEPAT 1996 days ago

Thank the gods you guys didn't stop at the clown museum in Baraboo.

brewers22 1996 days ago

Prince is the biggest cowboy ive ever seen next to Sherriff Clarke. Yee Haw!

Yo_Millhouse 1997 days ago

Fuck yeah, go Crew!

magicmegal25 1997 days ago

Nice pic fellas. No other team has this kind of chemistry. Get the six shooters out on the red birds

awitt1306 1997 days ago

Best shirt--Counsell; Most badass--Lucroy; Where's the hat Wolfey?

NateFell 1997 days ago

This is very much like the 1977 Marquette photo where they are in tuxes next to a rolls royce

onapunk77 1997 days ago

I can dig it baby!! Go Brew Crew!!

mogiemom 1997 days ago

Great photo! Go Brewers!!

Georgie_Schmidt 1997 days ago

Oh Yeah Baby!! I LOVE the Brew Crew!!

teasox 1997 days ago

Oh BABY! :)

wwjpmumx4 1997 days ago

I LOVE IT! I have to have this blown up and framed! YEEEEHAWWWWWW The Good, The Bad &The(not-so)Ugly!

caj0524 1997 days ago

Woo hoo! Go git em some lil red birdies!

JenniferKarweik 1997 days ago

HELLO Brew Crew!!!!
Good luck in St. Louis :)

lambchops3 1997 days ago

LoL...I love it!! Y'all are some mighty fine looking cowboys!