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My boys this morning as I was packing the car. Jb

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1425 days ago

My boys this morning as I was packing the car. Jb


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jayneemberton 1351 days ago

3 very hansom boys! just like their dads x

ConventionDW 1352 days ago

Dalek wants to EXTERMINATE your dogs! Save them Captain Jack!

yoonzena 1420 days ago

Oh. _Those_ boys.

SweetTJ90 1422 days ago

Luvin' the Dalek in the background :) The dogs are beautiful xxx

kannietkiezen 1423 days ago

I'm more scared of the dogs, in that formation. Give me a dalek any day!

amazonx 1424 days ago

Charlie and Harris look like they're planning something while Jack is standing guard...

MicheleBriere 1424 days ago

But daddy you just got home from being gone so long! you don't love us!

Sille1977 1424 days ago

lol... They look like "Daaad... are you leavin us alone... AGAIN?"

KitKat914 1424 days ago

I love the Dalek in the background!

zinelady 1425 days ago

They look like they've brought backup to keep you from leaving.

CuteMsBunny 1425 days ago

I do think Jack doesn't like daddy packing his car... awww...

Kungfuzombiee 1425 days ago

OMG! COCKERS <3 <3 <3!! And a JackRussell...when I worked a doggiedaycare we dreaded the russell!!

Christie_N83 1425 days ago

Aw, they are so cute! Jack doesn't look happy with you leaving him.

And the Dalek is brilliant!

jazminelouise 1425 days ago

Aww they are so cute.. My mum has a dog he's a yorkie cross with a jack, he's called Humphrey.

pinklady9087 1425 days ago

bless just like my dogs one called tj one call tosh after torchwood and olly all staffies

Anghaell 1425 days ago

We are not amused ! , u left us 2 go on holiday - don't make that mistake again or our pal will exterminate u !.

suewho61 1425 days ago

Awww look at Captain Jack looks like hes not too happy you are leaving them LOL XX

SophieMD_92 1425 days ago

I Love how Charlie and Harris are more than happy for a photo whilst Jack is clearly thinking ...Dad it's early i REALLY cba for a photo! :) x

jedikat71 1425 days ago

I'm not sure I trust that dogsitter you hired! LOL ;)

sazy789 1425 days ago

that looks so cute