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3122 days ago


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Shoultz101 2994 days ago

No matter how many dice you have there you still wont roll 20's like I do. :P

jaredhoy 3122 days ago

NICE! - i have that purple sparkly set - the one you have the 4 & 8 siders of. and maybe that blue set to.

agraner 3122 days ago

very cool dice! Here's a iphone app for image editing. http://snurl.com/3a8wx

shadocat 3122 days ago

I really like the blue/red dice. I'm just starting to read the MMORG version of DnD.

bobbyheer 3122 days ago

Oh wow, pretty colours. Have to crane my neck but that's cool. My dice are so old I can't see the markings on them anymore.

Fraidycat 3122 days ago

Wow! Far prettier than all the dice in our house (mainly 'cos they are my husband's) - although I do have my own set of tiny rose quartz ones

scruzgeek 3122 days ago

Did you see the Chessex booth at SDCC? Sweet, sweet selection and some cool market-test designs. The Gemini metallics are awesome.

JackDaddy 3122 days ago

Which ones are the new ones?

chaotrix_nyx 3122 days ago

Ooo. Nice colors. I want to go get a tropical smoothie now.

mercutiom 3122 days ago

For some reason I want to say, "Choose your weapon."

MILE 3122 days ago

I have been waiting for TwitPic to add a "rotate pic" option ever since it started...it can't really be that hard to do...!?!

leehodges 3122 days ago

If you turn your phone sideways (to the left) to take the picture it will be right (the preview will look horrible, but trust me, it will upload right)

coreyjf 3122 days ago

Yes I wish they would add a rotate picture option. Have the same problem on my iphone

feliciaday 3122 days ago

Ya, 4.0 wizard. So little time in the week, but I have to go, you know! Addictive! :)

Jules0512 3122 days ago

Glad I'm not the only one who chooses dice based on character attributes. Are you playing 4.0 now?

feliciaday 3122 days ago

I had a fire mage with 3.5, all reds and yellows. This character is a bit more cerebral, thus the more Tiffany-esque colors. Man I hate that my iPhone does everything sideways and I can't rotate it though!

jpj625 3122 days ago

Your dice are appropriately sparkly and colorful.

jenasiuk 3122 days ago

Mmmmm dice. That's a mighty pretty set thar. ^_^