Aaron Goodwin


Aaron Goodwin Ghost adventures. http://t.co/GHUQn6u2 other twitter i have @agoodwincollect

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2526 days ago


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ChelsCulls 2457 days ago

this is now taped to my wall =]

twtsam95 2468 days ago

lol COOL! aww where r u at Aaron? like in the pic on the mag? xD

TommyWaters 2492 days ago

The last line is what it's all about, dude. "I must admit, totally entertaining. A"

cyanideandcandy 2492 days ago

Wannabe shit. In my book, it's: Ghost Adventures > Ghost Hunters > My Toilet > Most Haunted

xAmyescencex 2513 days ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Man you live 2 twitter! or are ya just bored?LOL

kataomoi 2515 days ago

Gotta love unbiased journalism.

PurpleHeather71 2523 days ago

I doubt very seriously that the guy even watched season 1, but it's good that you guys got mentioned.

lilmellie71 2525 days ago

That writer needs his head examined. I agree with Rouxlette. Bring that man with you and let see what happens.

KrissyMarieM 2526 days ago

I'm with Rouxlette.. Take him on a lock down so we can see him run, screaming like a little girl...

its_Roux 2526 days ago

you made it to the big time baby !! thx AG... but wth is totally bogus?? you should bring this writer on a lockdown !!

superduperjes 2526 days ago

Your show scares me, but you guys crack me up. Especially all the shushing. LOL