Remember everything using Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, and more...

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2585 days ago


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lichuan 2465 days ago

Best note taking tool for cross platform rich client, ever!

davidpachecojr 2565 days ago

Congrats!!! I appreciate your work.

maxhansen 2583 days ago

Congratulations! Your software is outstanding and you deserve a sign.

cjs226 2585 days ago


rjay1 2585 days ago

I remember when evernote 1st started and look at you now! Enjoy and save this Pic in Evernote!

Soul_Est 2585 days ago

Congratulations on the new sign!

susani 2585 days ago

Very nice and congrats... but, I have to ask, are those professional sign dudes or a couple of your developers?

sfyoshi 2585 days ago


worldofnic 2585 days ago

I upload pictures of where I work to Evernote, so I don't forget where it is. :-)

subcorpus 2585 days ago

congratulations ... too bad i dont have my iPhone now ...

GettaGo 2585 days ago

Congrats! I hopeyou guys the best success. You've great helped me with my business.

Hisnibs1 2585 days ago

A sign impossible to forget. :-)

jfmaddocks1 2585 days ago

That's wonderful, congratulations!

frogtosser 2585 days ago

Congratulations! It looks Awesome!

openskymedia 2585 days ago

Woot! Congrats, guys!

daynah 2585 days ago

Many congrats to you! The sign looks great!