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For the nostalgia.. found in my closet- the old school lambs gave it 2 me during the Mimi tour! I love it: )

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1924 days ago

For the nostalgia.. found in my closet- the old school lambs gave it 2 me during the Mimi tour! I love it: )


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SuaFofa__ 1883 days ago

muito linda a sua shirt

photographer3 1921 days ago

I love that shirt!! I would want one for myself! Lol

MyLove4Mariah 1923 days ago

Aww so sweet! <3 Love u Mimi!

AmiableSibelle 1923 days ago

Awwwww. :')

BaarbaraJuliana 1923 days ago


lvsayles 1924 days ago

For the nostalgia of it all!

therealSaylai 1924 days ago

So sweet! Love you Mariah - from another long time fan <3 Looking forward to seeing you on xfactor

moleymoleface 1924 days ago

so amazing that you keep these gifts! love you Mimi!

nathalie_rock 1924 days ago

aaaw so beautiful, that you keep what the lambs do for you! and thank for loving us so madly as we love you!

ButterflyMama29 1924 days ago

Loooove it! It's so sweet that u keep all thr things the lambs give u. It's so obvious u love ur fans and that's why we love u so much! I've been with u since the beginning and I'll be there till "beyond the end".........

ritacalli 1924 days ago

i love you mariah

ApplePasta 1924 days ago

I saw one of the first shows in Tampa! Great time!

tatah_ca 1924 days ago

Before everything, I love you! ♥

maribalog 1924 days ago

before i give a high fives...
before i lives....
before i purple and blue
before i black and blue
before a spagetty and a line and
before i play on my trumpet
and paint gold in black
then before i trye find you as mimi
but i cant
couse before an ocea

xXxBlinxXx 1924 days ago

love it!!!

LouisMonteiro 1924 days ago

I was with you before all of that too! MC since the dawn of times and FOREVER!

marcolamb4life 1924 days ago

Mimi when will you share your beautiful babies with us lambs? I can't wait to meet the 2 bundle of joys who have made you the happiest woman alive =)

KissFromA_Rose 1924 days ago

i love ya dahhhling this shirt is extra festive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARIAHCBRAZIL 1924 days ago

nice .. very nice mimi

marcolamb4life 1924 days ago

that's is so funny before Skinny heffas! I can't wait to see you on Xfactor