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Life is local!

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1857 days ago

Life is local!


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Weegiewarbler 1854 days ago

What, could mother not read the sell-by date. I tend not to purchase goods beyond that date ...

yearinthelifeof 1855 days ago

Giant cat?

mariatkemp 1855 days ago

WOW! Boiler service only £55 including VAT and leading up to Gas Safe Week too, now that IS news!!!

clivebrown 1856 days ago

Best before dates: if it looks, smells & tastes ok then probably it is OK! Adhere to Use By dates

Strifey 1856 days ago

Ridiculous. Sell by=/=use by date. It would've probably been fine for at least another week.

John660X 1856 days ago

if it was 3 years out of date that would be a story!!!!! but bet someone would eat it for £100

tonyhebden 1856 days ago


TheDanHB 1856 days ago

And she called the paper because???? She wants cash for reading lessons?? To buy more pasties?

Gacfrost 1856 days ago

Don't smile don't smile don't smile son...

nigelhorne 1856 days ago

RT : Why didn't she bother to read the sell-by date before buying the pasty?

G_Ali2 1856 days ago

Giant cat

LondonMulatto 1856 days ago

Lol that boy is so cute. English kids are the best.

Creolelady89 1857 days ago

Whoop Dee Doo. The kid will live.

lesleyAField 1857 days ago

3 days out of date is not dangerous I know it should have been removed by the shopkeeper but did she not look at the date?

rohitnsharma 1857 days ago

merits capital punishment

SuperiorMobileS 1857 days ago

Hold the front page? Not a lot going on in Folkestone then!

lorddavinator 1857 days ago

she doesn't look young to me

elguido2k 1857 days ago

Jesus it turned the poor kid ugly and ginger.