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.@rosie and her new show staff brainstorming for the 10/10 premiere

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1964 days ago

. and her new show staff brainstorming for the 10/10 premiere


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aida885 1947 days ago

she is so funny

kathymisskathy 1949 days ago

I am so excited! I love Rosie!! Wahoo!!! Welcome back sweety!!! You rock sister friend!! Break a leg!

philandhersh 1949 days ago

Welcome back! I was not a fan in the past, but I grew up. KICK ASS ROSIE O!

AdoptionRox 1950 days ago

Soooo Excited for you Rosie! YOUR BAH-ACK!

grannie317 1958 days ago

I'm so happy to see Rosie is going to have a new show. Good Luck Rosie!!!

sky2627 1961 days ago

love this!!! google donny neuman. Big media on my struggle. Want to be on your show!!

sparroweye63 1963 days ago

It would be awesome if the entire first audience sang musical showtunes to Ro during commercials as a surprise. <3

sparroweye63 1963 days ago

You're lookin swell Rosie, we can tell Rosie, you're still glowing, you're still crowing, you
re still going strong. It's so nice to have you back where you belong.

TooSweetLoveYou 1964 days ago

Welcome home Rosie..... I will be watching you as always. Follow»»»»me on Twitter my love.

karenwattnem 1964 days ago

Rosie......may everything be 'rosie' for you...I'm sure the move is not easy. WELCOME BACK!!!!

yayaglobe 1964 days ago

Rosie will put OWN on the map!

feelingfriends 1964 days ago

We've got children eating healthy and exercising. Let's get them emotionally healthy NOW!

gothamtomato 1964 days ago

Is it too soon to say, 'Well hello Rosie! It's so nice to have you back where you belong'?

SenselessVentur 1964 days ago

So much time and work behind doing a show that people never think of when they see the final product...

yiayiaparas 1964 days ago

Great resume 4 U 2 look at. Life inspired by Oprah ! Inspired by her to go back to school.

yiayiaparas 1964 days ago

Which means: adv. in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, & Publisher. 2010 & 2007 versions!

yiayiaparas 1964 days ago

I would love to contribute to a show like this. My claim to fame: 2010 Microsoft Master!

theronnivp 1964 days ago

I would love to be on the show with Rosie; is she offering tickets to her tapings?

theronnivp 1964 days ago

Let's get to the truth of white elephants in the room. :)