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I'm a lifelong sci-fi fan, and am very lucky to have a dream job working as a senior executive at my favorite channel, Syfy.

I've got a new wall decoration. What do you think?

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1824 days ago

I've got a new wall decoration. What do you think?


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valentinoss777 1773 days ago

So, I would have more space would have done : ) )I love space : )

mckayfan1 1824 days ago

You know the old saying "Practice makes perfect" So getting practicing David. This is AWESOME by the way!!

macandpat2 1824 days ago

Was that John Shepard in the jumper? Nice shot! :)

shazzump 1824 days ago

Awesome wall decor,, i gotta have one - makes me want to play video games

ultrasquid 1824 days ago

I concur! This reeks of awesomeness!

JediCat1965 1824 days ago

Oh gods, that is just too awesome!

Sue_Jackson 1824 days ago

*presses button vigorously* Take that you monster asteroid! Will break you!

HoboRobot 1824 days ago

One's getting away! One's getting away! *running into wall, panic attack from '79 returns*

scrib 1824 days ago

That, my friend, is AWESOME!

DavidLeeGold 1824 days ago


andymke 1824 days ago

I can't wait for OLED wallpaper.

AdaKahless 1824 days ago

Used to play that in the early 80s x_x Nicely applied...now for Space Invaders in the kid's room. :3

KellyJMiller 1824 days ago

Every now and again I break out my Atari 64 so I can play. This game as well as Defender. And Kaboom!

Ferretessa 1824 days ago

ohh that was my FAVORITE game !!

Claudia_Clone 1824 days ago

*pew pew pew*

linda1800 1824 days ago

Im sure i remember that game........lol...xxx