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Some bathrooms ask you to wash your hands, other bathrooms ask you this:

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1883 days ago

Some bathrooms ask you to wash your hands, other bathrooms ask you this:


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Joyfulicious 1869 days ago

that's legit!!

raulyoungjr 1881 days ago

sounds like someone's request, haha

BARRYfromBOSTON 1882 days ago

working on cruise ships, we'd hear someone on a wireless peeing backstage regularly. It's a fair question.

solosintigo 1883 days ago

I wonder, could it B a lady's room? I heard their B'room smells awful from their monthly period!

HistoryinaBar 1883 days ago

Sh*t. My mic's just mediocre. (did post that sign?)


AlechiaJean 1883 days ago

Is that you Ryan who left the seat up?

Diorys25 1883 days ago

hahahaah WOW

Jimbo_McFly 1883 days ago

Why no question mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lonesome56 1883 days ago

If you tinkle and you sprinkle,
Be a sweetie wipe the seatie

kennnnD 1883 days ago

Am I the only one who doesn't get this..... hahah

arrykac 1883 days ago

Come on, I thought it would say no sleeping on toilet. This stinks. Anyway, a heads up from soundman

WATCHTOWER00 1883 days ago

some TV ANCHORS do this in Canada i won't mention names leaving there MICS Open lol

madforadam09 1883 days ago

Cherokee restroom: This is a teepee for u to peepee and not a wigwam to beat your tomtom

ItsKimmArellano 1883 days ago

I swear our bathroom doesn't say that, but it'd be awesome if it did!

LizzMendoza1 1883 days ago

Eww! Guys RestRooms R Gross! Probly a camera in there too :P