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Mainly silly witterings & band rubbish. I help run @idlefret, and I also work in a job because food costs money.

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1461 days ago


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DominicKennedy 1458 days ago

Oh I miss myself some good BFG dreams*** super fantastic, amy.
i was 7 years old in 1989 - probably about the time when my father used to read Roald's books to me as bedtime stories :) good times

giveusasong 1458 days ago

It'd be sort of irresistible not to take a dream in a bottle for a walk how wonderful

ArbutusYarns 1459 days ago

So cool Amy!!

yhop 1459 days ago

Mr. Dahl died in 1990 so this could be one of the last letters he ever wrote.

duffinn 1460 days ago

absolutely gorgeous letter - just left my 7 year old daughter's room who will not go to sleep as she is reading Roald Dahl and can not put the book down and saw your tweet!

FredBlunt 1460 days ago

AMAZING!! The stuff of dreams ;)

Lullah_belle 1460 days ago

I am so jealous!

krystynfrye 1461 days ago

This is very cool.

MitchRichard 1461 days ago

Gosh, absolutely delightful! What a treat!