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#LilJoe LOVES beer, as do I, but that's weird.

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1363 days ago

#LilJoe LOVES beer, as do I, but that's weird.


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Xomby_hart 1360 days ago

Haha. My cat likes beer...and rum. O.o

Abby_SciiutO16 1361 days ago

wow # LilJoe if he like!

RuthAmanda47 1362 days ago

My uncle once had a dog that liked beer!!

downhomesunset 1362 days ago

One of my horses love Sprite!

Dj_XvErSa 1362 days ago

Hahahaha, Very NICE!! ^^

JSK_84to05RIP 1362 days ago

Had a horse that drank beer diet mt dew I have a dog that likes fruity alcohol drinks and pepsi :)

Pauleyfan 1363 days ago

Go #LilJoe

britishbees12 1363 days ago

One of mine loves Honey Dew Melon - go figure - very odd :)

AbbyScuito22 1363 days ago

In small amounts I suppose :) That would be my kinda dog :) Have one for me :) <3

linzamania 1363 days ago

Not weird at all, P! One of my Shepherds loves fountain drinks, but nothing in a can or bottle.

DaytonTUphold 1363 days ago

Not weird. My cat likes Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. :) The only "people food" he will eat. :)