Michael Rogers


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2675 days ago



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MaidinWales 2626 days ago

AH !

Mikey_14 2674 days ago

Great Ride BOYS! Just time to take a little break & then it all starts again.This time your chasing yellow not Pink.This year should be a great Tour, Time for Levi to go for the Gold (Ah Yellow)Super Job!

jason_g 2675 days ago

much congrats to ya guys! nice pic of rome and twitters of the race. thanks for all the updates. it was awesome to see your posts & lance's. thanks for an insider view!! :D

maderc 2675 days ago

Great Ride.... Great three weeks. Thnx!

petefleming 2675 days ago

Groan, I got it Mick. For the others, I'd suggest "sorry" was because the pic didn't get posted with the previous Tweet's entry referring to hanging out with Levi! Good job Mick, hope to see you on Cuvignone soon

lanasan 2675 days ago

Continue to Livestrong, always taking the HighRoad. Levi, as I said in Solvang, outside the test trailer, "Thanks for the joy you give the fans." Great job from ALL the Astana & HighRoad boys. It is a pleasure watching you, always making us proud.

brizcowgirl 2675 days ago

Fab photo! Great riding by you both over the last 3 weeks, just wish the coverage was a little better back here in Oz!

steyrshrek 2675 days ago

The front of the Astana jersey looks like a mustard stain

joostW86 2675 days ago

Both Michael and Levi, thanks for keeping us updated on your Giro adventures. It were a great 3 weeks to watch on TV and read on Twitter! And indeed nothing to be sorry about.

KCarelli 2675 days ago

Very nice,oh the backgrounds nice too

pelle_armstrong 2675 days ago

What a two big riders !

studiodino 2675 days ago

The best Giro ever! Good job all!

chriskleijne 2675 days ago

incredibile! thnx for the phenomenal insight in the real giro over the past few weeks, and i'm sure you'll be there in july

bikepix 2675 days ago

Thanks to all the riders was amazing to watch I know the tv never does justice to the ride wow what a tour this must have been for all the riders once again thank you so much and the video updates were the best

GirasoleSB 2675 days ago

Congratulations to you both! Have fun in Roma. Wish the weather had been better for your ITT.... Looking forward to the Tour!

rdrummond 2675 days ago

Nothing to be sorry about bro. Proud to be one of your supporters...you did great!

allez08 2675 days ago

Nothing to be sorry about - everyone did their best. At least you didn't end up like poor Pedro. This was a tough race and you gave it your all. Get some much deserved rest and tell Popo he kicks ass!!

cybervenus 2675 days ago

Very cool!

DennisKOsborne 2675 days ago

Sorry for 6th place finish? Lighten up on yourself. 2 off days after a kicking spring. With the change in the TOC date will you go for #4 or ride the Giro ? I say go for the Giro. If you make it a focus for yourself I have no doubt the maglia rosa is your

tanzmax 2675 days ago

great performance, great show, thanks you all guys!