The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

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Hit me baby one more time is trending. Draco's favourite song....

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967 days ago

Hit me baby one more time is trending. Draco's favourite song....


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melizzie 644 days ago

This is priceless! Hermione is the best :D hahahaha

janinejks 644 days ago


Comememine 726 days ago


MelfinatheBlue 727 days ago

Well, he does take after his father (snerk)

MCMXCVXVXO 740 days ago

hahaha this is so funny

GottaBeWith1D 868 days ago

My favorite part of the movie :DD

LaneMartinez 921 days ago

I so love this part :)

ChanceAkaGod 923 days ago


tognog 924 days ago

-That felt good.
-Not good, brilliant!!

BricniSpirs 926 days ago

Jajajajaja Yeah!!! Hit me baby one more time

kaahcamargo 935 days ago


aloefee 936 days ago

loved that scene so very much *sigh* I think I'll watch it later^^

lovelykiss98 939 days ago


waningmoon7 939 days ago


Fabioo_H 940 days ago

Fuck :~KK

ffabiandaza 941 days ago


blofeldw 941 days ago

brought a little color to that face...

TomFeltonFanGrl 941 days ago

she punshed him! (Really)

iRonaldWeasley 942 days ago

Wow what a punch! Even though I broke my leg that day it was the best day in that year!

BananaCraker 944 days ago

Why does his face through this entire scene make me feel so happy? Anybody?