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Saturday, Aug 27th, 8am - "The Way" tour bus is loaded and moments way from rolling!

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1311 days ago

Saturday, Aug 27th, 8am - "The Way" tour bus is loaded and moments way from rolling!


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SixClanHero 1294 days ago

Classic Pic Bro I wish I could have caught up w/u on ur Bus Tour!! Patiently awaiting #TheWay

Rosalinda68 1303 days ago

Loving it...Good Luck, Emilio!!! Can't wait to see your movie...

Danish_Sus 1306 days ago

By the WAY, will you be visiting Denmark on your WAY? Or is that WAY out of your WAY? ;-)

RoseMichels 1307 days ago

I think a switch up to this pic as your profile pic would be neat. What say you? :)

TammyWesolowski 1308 days ago

Emilio ! you look 'Lost' standing there ! You know --->"The Way" !! --congrats. !!

smilinbcuzz 1308 days ago

Congratulations !

faecatt 1309 days ago

awsome come to longisland n.y.!!! :))

Rhonda1168 1309 days ago

What are you looking at?

janewesterling 1310 days ago

Good Luck Emilio

earthskymoonsta 1311 days ago

Looking good Emilio...Hope I get the chance to meet you in New England.xoxoxo

ttsousa 1311 days ago

Sure wish yall could've hit Dallas before I left Ft Worth. Hope yall will be near New Windsor, NY.

BrianJMather 1311 days ago

Lookin' good, Dude! :) Safe travels.

hitzavel 1311 days ago

Is the same bus for the South American tour? AWESOME!!! Hugs from Colombia to all The Way tour people!!! The best in your journey!!!

molliep1965 1311 days ago

Healthy eating sure does show, Emilio. And can't wait for the opening. No tour stops where I live. :(

Kopite1551 1311 days ago

Hav loadsa fun guys! Di

TomSilverstone 1311 days ago

A bus?, I thought you guys would be walking :oP, anyways I am looking forward to this movie

sweetsam777 1311 days ago

Awesome! Drive safe! The way is AWESOME!

sequatchiegirl 1311 days ago

Happy trails "The Way": Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez on the Camino de Santiago http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjEtMlQ8EYs&feature=share via

LongIslandBride 1311 days ago

Very cool! Can't wait till you guys come to NY

Mary_Salino 1311 days ago