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arsam2012 1814 days ago

Minotauro perde

assis92 1824 days ago

minoutauro *-* bate quasé nda tamém viu ;/ nocaute no zé ruela do Gringo kkkk

andreluizamado 1825 days ago

Minoutauro foi o melhor nocaute da noite do UFC Rio

xAbsentxMindx 1826 days ago

So Whos Chin Will Be Questioned Now ? .Nogueira Gave That Answer To Da Critics 2NITE Cuhz He Whopped Dat Azz! Fu All Who Went For Schaub Lmao Thinkinq He Was Going To End Him .

mike_viner 1827 days ago

maybe after this win they should give schaub a fighter who is not a senior citizen... just sayn

cagestokerblog 1827 days ago

warr Schaub, KO glass-jawed Nog!!

brunoveiga_eq 1827 days ago

"glass-jaw nog!!" WTF is this????????? glass-jaw?
How old are u? 12 maybe 15? Hey little boy u need study the history of the MMA. Tip: Search in google "Minotauro Pride". #FINALIZAMINOTAURO

helenararaujo 1827 days ago

I am Brazilian, but I love Schaub. So sorry Minotauro, but you have no chance! kkk

KeithHayon 1827 days ago

damn! another good ass one.

bashemm 1827 days ago

NOGUEIRA gotta submit SCHAUB quick,don't fuck around with this powerhouse!

luscafusca 1827 days ago

Minotauro perde.

fightposium 1828 days ago

schaub is already lookin' past nog. but i want to see schaub face nelson again!!!

LeoDestroTHUG 1828 days ago

Minotauro arm lock 2RD

LeoDestroTHUG 1828 days ago

SoCaliCrystal 1828 days ago

#TeamSchaub baby!

i_f_an 1828 days ago

Amanhã só vai da RED!TV !!!

bluaan 1828 days ago

minotauro finaliza gooo