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Messy or neat? What's your work area like?

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1405 days ago

Messy or neat? What's your work area like?


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adityamaulana30 1088 days ago

wausangat cool picture #very-very

GastonOliverio 1378 days ago

love this desk!

MindDetonator 1392 days ago

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marckjerson 1403 days ago

man i'm a big fan.. please come to philippines!!!

marckjerson 1403 days ago

w0w.. cool!!!

Dobii_95 1403 days ago

nice helmet

uk1128jc 1404 days ago

So clean! & Organized ! My work area? Do NOT ask...please.........

shebot 1404 days ago

I have no idea what you just said....I'm just seeing cool Star Wars gear!

mystenoiritaly 1404 days ago

similar.i use Nordlead too but i use also AccessVirus.Not starwar things but LB things yes

JadeXsis 1404 days ago

Niice! If i had all your equipment, i'd keep it neat too! I love organizing / interior decorating

Technician4201 1404 days ago

looks like my studio

katierinrin 1404 days ago

I clear out my mess every day but it only gets messier and messier ^) Any advice?

Maru_Durst 1404 days ago

haha good job freddy :)!!! so neat is your site of work...the green outside,I love it!♥ .. aaand well i owe the pic of my site.. because Im at home now .. vacations time =) but i have to tell u that is very neat! hate things in a mess! =s

puras666 1404 days ago

control chaos it works

Hydrogensilicat 1404 days ago

Messy. But I rule this chaos.. if someone comes cleaning it up, I wouldn't find ANYTHING again :(

kolev83 1404 days ago

де да знам

MikeBrasolJr 1404 days ago

Thunderbolt Display on pre-order? Flippin' sweet setup Mr D.

Miekarella 1404 days ago

look like my...without the keyboards of course....^^Oh.nice ape-bag XD