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Not too often traffic looks like this! Gotta love Italy!

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1978 days ago

Not too often traffic looks like this! Gotta love Italy!


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kebiwot 1946 days ago

back to Kenya too

villas_tuscany 1969 days ago

Very good
By Tuscany in Italy

Ellzgirl 1975 days ago


Ellzgirl 1975 days ago

Lol in texas i saw that!!

bestbing 1976 days ago

bing now

Kooolsamm 1977 days ago

Congrats you guys xx luv u kim

Purplepools 1977 days ago

paris nicky and fergie are in italy too tweet them and meet up with them :)

ChasityCena 1977 days ago

Lol too funny!! Congrats to you guys!

FashionistaChik 1977 days ago

Girls Best Friend and Co Blog

WendyFromNJ 1978 days ago

hahaha enjoy italy mrs. H ;)

KidrauhlSexy 1978 days ago


CAJPhotography 1978 days ago

Don't listen to all the haters, they're just jealous. It's your money no matter how you made it, so I say," if you got it enjoy it!!!"

HollyBloor 1978 days ago

works really hard. Plus when you look as good as that you are blatantly going to milk it!
Have a lovely time Kim & Kris!

HollyBloor 1978 days ago

Not quite sure why you are being so negative towards Kim. Yeah so lifes unfair, i have spent 6 years at university and i'm still in a crap paid job after working really hard; however i don't resent everyone who has money. From what i've seen she works rea

cacoon4000 1978 days ago

Does Kris have a big penis send a pic

cacoon4000 1978 days ago

Why don't yu ever help the needy people of this world like me illikw some of that dough

cacoon4000 1978 days ago

Here you're worth35mill that's not rightâ„¢ when we r so broke

cacoon4000 1978 days ago

When you gonna cum home and get a real job,instead of live off you're looks.hope yu blend

AkshayDalviA 1978 days ago

good, all are walking in one side ! well management

cacoon4000 1978 days ago

Ya they don't care who you r,that'll teach you humillity..what a luxury to take a trip the rest will never get!